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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lake Tahoe's Thunderbird Lodge Weddings McNeel

Of all the outstanding venues for weddings here in Lake Tahoe, historic Thunderbird Lodge never fails to inspire for the many distinctive wedding settings it offers.
An aura of natural grandeur occurs when your wedding ceremony is held on the lawn above the boulder strewn edge of the lake.  Sunlight sparkles like thousands of silver coins have been thrown across the lake’s brilliant blue surface. The panorama of mountains provides a stunning backdrop to your momentous day.

If your style is bit more intimate consider saying your wedding vows under the swaying boughs of towering pines, on a concealed rock terrace or by a waterfall.
Imagine the incredible beauty of your wedding photos as the setting sun sets the sky ablaze with rays of magenta and amber.

With tours of the historic 1930s house and grounds your guests will be well entertained while you two have your photos taken.  Among the unique features is an underground tunnel. Down here an opium den existed and a full-grown lion once roamed.  Adding to the adventure is the chance to see the estate’s burnished mahogany yacht also named “Thunderbird”.
Hold your wedding reception in the Lighthouse where nature spills in from massive windows or the informal stone-built Card House. A fire’s warmth adds to its cozy ambience.

Looking for a glorious wedding departure?  Board the Thunderbird.
Rose pedals will fly from the yacht’s stern as you cut across the waters.

A classic Lake Tahoe wedding can be yours at Thunderbird Lodge.

Plus-size brides with panache
Every bride desires and deserves to be gorgeous on their wedding day -regardless of dress size.
Searching for the perfect plus size wedding dress is a fun adventure for the bride alone or with her entourage by doing a bit of homework Use your time wisely and avoid disappointment by asking a few questions before scheduling your appointment at a bridal shop.

Never be threatened by the size 8 or less prominently worn by models on wedding websites and in magazines. Ask about the bridal shop’s inventory. It should offer a wide selection of plus size wedding dresses from 18W to 26W and some 30Ws included. If they do not, look elsewhere. Trying to squeeze into a size 14 or worse accept any plus size dress just because it fits is not acceptable.
Plus-size wedding dresses hugging curves and flattering fuller figures come in a variety of styles and fabrics with many accessories.

Whatever a bride’s size, best features should be emphasized – not exposed.
If one of them is a well-endowed bust line, the latest craze of strapless styles is seldom complimentary. Just the threat of the “girls” making an appearance can cause unnecessary distractions.

Instead, opt for an unforgettable “wow” look with a square or V-shaped neckline or a one-shoulder gown cut high under the arm. The look provides plenty of skin in a sensuous, not salacious way and brings attention to the bride’s face glowing with love.

An A-line and ball gown style helps to balance out the difference between large breasts and small hips, while an Empire waist hides a large belly and ample hips. Enhance the curved lines of an hourglass figure with a dropped waistline and Mermaid styled dresses with scooped necklines.

Cover large upper arms beautifully in many ways, from cap sleeves to a fur-sleeved bolero and a full-length lace jacket. Long bell sleeves are an attractive alternative.
Ruching highlights curves from the bustline, through the torso to the hips and thighs. A variety of fabrics create stunning dresses.

Laces and lightweight fabrics such as charmeuse and organza are perfect for warm weather weddings, yet might require some reinforcement like boned bodices. Gowns, created from layers of tulle, give an ethereal look without making a plus-sized bride look like a marshmallow.

Satin and taffeta are perfect for cool weather weddings.
When it comes to bling, like Swarovski crystals, they do add weight. Remembering a bride shall spend hours dancing, hugging and on her feet heavy dresses become tiring.

With a bit of time, homework and a dedication every bride will be a vision of loveliness.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cake toppers provide the extra special touch to a couple’s big day.
Some couples show the sentiment behind their love story with a digital photo frame showcasing their special moments. Other couples choose to honor their parents or grandparents by giving the older couple’s vintage wedding cake toppers the place of honor. A new base is usually all that is required unless some confectionary repair work is needed. 
Hitting neighborhood garage sales or flea markets are a great source for finding cheap porcelain figurines like animals or dancing couples.  Again, when cleaned up and with a new base they can provide romance or fancy at lower prices.
To keep a youthful spirit childhood toys, like rubber duckies and monkey sock puppets, wispy haired trolls and cute teddy bears, can be turned into fun reflections of the couple’s contagious sense of humor. Some raid a kid’s toy box or better yet ask a junior Picasso to create a cake topper through several handfuls of colorful Legos.
For weddings melding two families into one unit a group Russian nesting dolls can represent every family member.  Not every doll has to wear a painted floral patterned babushka. Robot, ninja and even Russian political nesting dolls are also available.
Depending on the wedding cake’s size sport fanatics can place sporting goods, from a ping pong to a volley ball, atop the cake. Regardless of the cake’s layers custom made bobble head dolls, ordered online, become whimsical wedding cake toppers for any confectionary creation.
Other custom cake toppers include origami, fashioned into fanciful shapes such as stars or flowers in varying patterns. Glass artisans can create unique toppers that can be used later as a beloved Christmas tree ornament.
Like the ceremony and reception - a cake topper demonstrates a couple’s individual style.

Vintage Wedding Dresses

In an age where many people seek unique weddings, the wearing of a vintage veil or antique wedding gown fits a bride’s need for distinction.
It can also be a romantic tie to the past if the dress was worn by a family member of an earlier generation.

Whether pulling attire from the attic, a vintage clothing shop or off the Internet several things need to be considered.
Before imagining oneself in great grandmother’s satin and lace one must take a good look at the wedding gown and veil. Dcades-old stains often will not come out and trying to matching older fabrics or threads to repair holes and tears can prove impossible.

Many brides desire a wedding gown with exquisite workmanship like that found in the silk and chiffon dresses of the 1920s.  Besides admiring the delicate hand sewing carefully look over the seams and stretch a few to locate any signs of wear or fraying.  If possible ask a seamstress on their ability to strengthen any damaged seams.
Purchasing an unsalvageable dress for its authentic era embellishments, like seed pearls and crystals, is advised.

Also consider over the years bodies and undergarments have changed.  Modern brides tend to be taller and sometimes heavier. Until the late 1960s many brides went down the aisle in cinched into whale-boned corsets or girdles in order to have a wasp-like waist.
If finding an older dress proves a disappointing search brides can consider buying an antique pattern and let a seamstress create an authentic replica.

Yellowed antique lace and tulle veils can be cleaned professionally or at home. Put the item in a bathtub with an all color bleaching powder such as Tide. Add hot water and then air dry on a white towel.
Other vintage items like gloves, costume jewelry and shoes can complete the look.

Guys' Pre-Wedding Adios to Hair

Are your upcoming I do’s a casual beach affair?
Investment in hair removal will avoid wedding photos capturing yeti-styled chests and backs, Hobbit toe fuzz, and sprigs, or forests, of hair peeping out from Speedos.

Waxing or sugaring temporarily eliminates or controls everything from bushy arms and legs to an unruly unibrow. Use a gentle cleanser, before and after, to keep dead skin cells from causing in-grown hair problems later.
Brazilian wax technicians can free your privates, from the base of the penis and above, of hair. The “ouch” factor rises with less costly DYI kits. First applying talcum powder to sensitive skin keeps the wax from sticking to it. Reduce post procedure inflammation by ingesting an aspirin first.

The cost of electrolysis is greater than waxing and so is the time commitment. Typically, two to four sessions are required.
At several hundred dollars each, laser treatments are the priciest permanent libration of body hair. Be aware though, tanned or naturally darker pigmented skin can cause permanent skin pigmentations.

With little pain and cost, electric trimmers or a depilatory, deliver hair-free limbs to be slipped into an informal shirt or shorts.
Your wedding will be smoother with pre-ceremony hair removal.

Surviving Wedding Dress Shopping

Congratulations, if you are one of thousands of brides-to-be selecting your wedding gown.

Keep your stress level down, and fully enjoy a successful buying trip with these pointers:

Start your search about nine months to a year before the wedding.

It typically takes six months to receive a customized dress once ordered, so starting your search process nine months to a year out is a good rule of thumb.

Forget the romance and establish a budget before walking into the salon.

The current average cost for wedding gowns starts at $900 - $1300 without embellishments such as crystals or belts or dresses made from pricier fabrics.
Brides must also factor in the price of alterations, and the veil, which can add up to an additional $700 or more to the final price tag.

Love a look? Make a phone call.
There is a particular designer dress that you know is your dress just from seeing it online or in a magazine. Although the bridal shop carries the designer, make a pre-appointment call to guarantee the dress of your desire is available.

Unless you are chasing the bad guys, leave your posse at home.
You love your family and your friends, but honestly having all of them weighing on the most important dress of your life is...overweight at best.

Bring only a handful, better yet a couple of people, who respect it is ultimately your wedding and your decision on what to wear to it.

Look past the romance and set up the budget

There is no embarrassment in telling the bridal consultant the budget before you slip into exquisite layers of silk, tulle, and lace.

Never forget, regardless how friendly she is, her ultimate goal is to make a sale at the end of every appointment.

Avoid crushing disappointments.

If your "OMG" dress is in a higher stratosphere than your budget allows - leave it on the hanger!

The momentary “wow” factor of the image of you in it will always cannot compete with the crushing disappointment at not being able to afford it. Nothing else you try on can compete with that image, and will defeat a positive outcome.

Cull down your selections .

Leave the overflowing notebooks of wedding gowns at home. Bring one. Having ideas is a good thing; however, you, as the practical bride, will cull down the selections to your individualized style, body type, and wedding plans.

Wearing satin is a beautiful look at an indoor wedding, especially a winter one. However, the fabric is too heavy for your casual beach or outdoor ceremony in the high humidity of summer where lace or chiffon are better options.

Never discount comfort
Before making a final decision – move around in your favorite selection.

During your wedding you must be able to give countless hugs, dance, and kiss and yes, use the restroom while wearing the dress. You want your wedding photos to reflect your total joy – not discomfort from wearing too tight a corset, itchy tulle or trying to cover a torn sleeve.

Practice these tips and leave your stress for something else – like planning the seating chart.